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 Tremont Station G.C. for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
Tremont Station G.C. Golf Course Information
Tremont Station G.C. by: ChinguGolf 
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File Size: 11.75 MB Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
Released: Dec 8 04 @ 12:00:00 AM Views: 9,840
Downloads: 1,697 Yardage: 7,239
Course Type: Fantasy Par: 72
Course Architect Comments
Course Notes: Developed through real world topographic cartography and utilizing appropriate ornithilogical and fauna ambient sounds Tremont Station is a fictional course creation with a location set to suggest the Rocky Mountains Or Sierra Nevada Mountains landscape and climate.

Developed and designed to accomodate expert level players on all game settings.

Course Design Philosophy: Represent real world scenario. provide realistic golf challenges and shot making requirements. Provide fofr optimal course management options with ample risk reward principles. Create realistic greens with natural contours of a difficulty that presents players with strategic shot placement requirements depending upon pin placement seections. Pin locations are randomized in order to force player attention to conditions and shot placement. All gereens and all pins are playable in all conditions.

Aknowledgements: Thanks to Steve Danut for providing the custom flag and splash screens and for his consistant assistance and creativity. Thanks to my good friends Rob, Dan from the UK for helping to play test the course at various stages and for providing excellent feedback and a lot of fun. Thanks also to George from Thailand and Nick - also friends who assisted in play testing.Thanks to Zona and other great designers who provided the textures, objects and structures that we designers all use.

Special Notes: I realize at this point of final release version that there are several flaws with the course but I expect that these flaws are generally hard to notice and do not interfere with game play. Due to the rather moody behavior of teh Course Architect tool I believed it was in my best interest at this point to cease tweaking the terrain and release the course with the few imperfections rather than risking loosing the course completely. Therefor - be it known that on Hole 9 there is a slight shadow on the fairway just beyond or at drive landing distance. The 9th green has a minor texture hieght imperfection at the front left side of the green. The 12th hole has texture shadows on the right side between teh dogleg and the creek.

In designing this course I took into considerations the limitations of some graphixs cards and computer speeds but made the decision to design it for premium looks only limiting planting to a small degree. If some experience lag / slow frame rates - it is suggested that they play this course at minimum graphics settings. However, many aspects of the course will only be able to be seen on higher level graphics settings such as the deep rough textures, the water reflections and vision unlimitied play.

Thanks - and I hope you enjoy!

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