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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour Courses
 Course and Library Manager for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008

TW Caddie 08 is a utility to install, add, delete, remove uninstall custom courses and libraries for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.  If you have wanted to play such courses as Augusta, Spyglass, Poppy Hills on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 by EA Sports then this is the program for you.  Without it you will not be able to install custom courses or user created courses and libraries for the Course Architect.  Mod such things as the Course Logo, Splash Screen and Course Flag for courses like Pebble Beach Golf Links.  Other features included auto install of Courses, Libraries  and the new myZIP file and file extension

System Requirements

In order to use TW Caddie 08 you must be logged in as a Administrator have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 or Higher, be running Windows XP or Windows Vista, have at least 128 MB of RAM, 1GB of Available Hard Drive Space and Have Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Installed correctly.  Some features may require a Internet Connection but is not required to use the program.

Installing Files for TW Caddie 08

Installing files is the process of taking a course or library and installing it into the  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 PC/DVD game.  Without installing the course you will not be able to play the course in the game.   There are two ways to install a file either using the automated process which only requires you to double click on the file or the manual process..... View the User Guide

Download TW Caddie 08 for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

This program took me over 200 hours to build.  Considering the rates of professional programmers that is about the equivalent of investing $15,000 into something that we are giving away for FREE!  As always donating is your option, but if you download this program and enjoy it please think of donating to help fund other projects similar to this one in the future.  Whether you donate or not this program is free just like everything else at

Click Here to Download TW Caddie 08 v1.5 - Vista and XP
Click Here to Download TW Caddie 08 x64 - Vista 64 and XP 64

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