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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 - Player Comments about CGX Torino Golf 2014 Yellow
CGX Torino Golf 2014 Yellow Golf Course Information
CGX Torino Golf 2014 Yellow by: CGX Design Team 
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File Size: 9.35 MB Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008
Released: Jun 15 22 @ 2:48:20 AM Views: 497
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Player Comments about CGX Torino Golf 2014 Yellow
General Member Holein1
Posted: Monday, July 11, 2022 @ 10:48:34 AM at | IP Logged

After playing the Torino Blue course, I found the Yellow one nicer and more challenging all the way around with, again, some water hazards and quite a few scenic holes with some tricky shots to reach the greens.
After a nice left dogleg par-4 1st hole, parallel to another similar one on the left, and the par-4 2nd, with a green, slightly to the left (with a wide lake behind), you will move on to the short (around 310 yards) left dogleg par-4 3rd, where reaching the green from the tee box is impossible with trees hiding it around the corner.
You will then face the pretty par-3 4th hole, with a tee shot over a stream crossing the fairway diagonally to the right and past the green, before heading to another short hole (less than 450 yards), the par-5 5th, where you will have to deal with plenty of trees in the corner with your tee shot before hitting your approach, again over trees, toward the wide green for a potential eagle opportunity.
Then, after two par-4 dogleg holes (6th to the left, and 7th to the right), you will have a wide-open view as you tee off on the right dogleg par-5 8th, with a shot over plenty of medium rough and a long second shot over a few trees in front of the green (on the right), guarded by a little mound in front (slightly to the left), before finishing with the pretty par-3 9th hole, with a tee shot over a narrow tree-lined fairway landing onto the green, with a meandering stream across in front and ending to the left.
The back 9 has some nice holes too, starting with the par-5 10th, with a slightly-uphill tee shot landing near a big pond in the left corner, and the par-3 11th hole, with a serpentine stream all along the fairway on the right and a lone tree, partially hiding the green.
But the best has yet to come with the nice right dogleg par-4 12th hole, with a meandering stream crossing the fairway midway, making you think twice about where you should land your tee shot (in front or beyond) in order to have an easier approach to the green.
The par-3 14th hole is very picturesque, with two small streams (on the left and behind the green) and a big lake on the right, just like the tough right dogleg par-4 15th, with a tee shot over a small stream landing onto the fairway, divided by a stream in the middle (with an elongated island fairway on the right), and over which you will have to hit your second shot over it to reach the green.
Then, after the left dogleg par-5 16th hole, along the tree-lined fairway and slightly uphill, you will face an unusual sight on the straight par-4 17th, with a small stream crossing the fairway near the tee box and a tree-lined fairway, starting midway (along a stream on the right side and flowing behind the green), with bare land all around on the right.
Finally, if you are in a gambling mood, you will love the dogleg par-4 18th hole, very sharply to the right with a serpentine stream in front of the tee box and a tree-lined fairway, over which you might be tempted to hit your tee shot to reach the green directly and putt for an eagle...
Well-designed by the CGX team, just like the Blue course, with a nice forest and mountains as a backdrop, this par 72 will make you think twice before hitting some shots and you should have more "fun" playing this Yellow version !

General Member raylloyd7
United Kingdom
Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 @ 6:13:30 AM at | IP Logged

Just as I did on the Blue course I found it very good to play advanced dry breezy etc on, and it plays really well and a good score is out there for sure. Hope there are many more to come for this greedy old man lol. Many thanks once again for sharing with us all.

Site Admin Gunpower61
Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 @ 4:06:10 AM at | IP Logged

Important note: a lot of CGX courses are only playable from the: PRO tees
The cgx designers created courses in high tempo, so they only made the pro tees playable.
So in TW08 you have to select the PRO tees.

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