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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 - Player Comments about A&S Golf Links- Aberdeen
A&S Golf Links- Aberdeen Golf Course Information
A&S Golf Links- Aberdeen by: Bobby Bolin 
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Player Comments about A&S Golf Links- Aberdeen
General Member golfingod
United States of America
Posted: Monday, November 8, 2021 @ 4:53:37 PM at | IP Logged

Thanks for a really enjoyable round of golf, Bobby! Liked the switch between the two nines, and the course plays well, bounces are fair, and not every misplayed shot lands you in jail! Oh, and please thank your Grandfather for that bunker in front of the green on 17...being a grandfather, I just know that one was his idea, meant just for me! Appreciate your efforts and talent, Bobby.

General Member Holein1
Posted: Saturday, November 6, 2021 @ 5:51:05 AM at | IP Logged

Two courses for the “price of one” ! This par 72, as mentioned in the general info, will offer you two different challenges : on the front 9, you will face an “American-style” course with plenty of narrow and undulating fairways, small elevation changes, where your tee shots will be crucial, unlike on the links-style "Scottish" back 9, where you will see wide fairways but where you will have to be very accurate with your approach shots to the (often elevated) greens, guarded by plenty of small pot bunkers !
The par-4 1st hole is downhill all the way with a narrow and winding fairway, split by a big bunker halfway on the right (and with plenty of deep weed around) and with a few more bunkers a little bit further, and an elevated green, just like the straight par-5 2nd, with another narrow fairway, plenty of bunkers on both sides, midway, and a couple of trees in front of a small creek... in front of the elevated green.
Then, after the par-4 3rd hole, with a tee shot right over a meandering creek (with a covered bridge on the right), a narrow and undulating fairway and a slightly-elevated green, you will move on to the straight and short (about 320 yards) par-4 4th, with a tee shot over a lake, a narrow fairway and a small and slightly-elevated green, with high rough on the left and a couple of bunkers on the right in front.
The downhill par-3 5th hole is simply gorgeous, with a tee shot over a small pond (with beautiful flowers in front), right in front of the green, with a nice small house above and a meandering creek in front of it... with water cascading into the pond !
The par-5 6th hole is a long (more than 600 yards) left dogleg, with an uphill tee shot landing onto an undulating fairway, split twice with high rough, and a wide bunker a little bit further across, and an elevated green with two bunkers on both sides, and is followed by the right dogleg par-4 7th, with a downhill tee shot, plenty of bunkers on both sides of the fairway midway, and a steeply-uphill green with a serpentine pond in front and to the right...
Finally, after the downhill par-3 8th hole, with a small pond in front of the green and two small bunkers (both on the left), you will face the straight and slightly-uphill par-4 9th, with a wider fairway and a nice view of a church (behind the green) facing the tee box.
The scenery changes drastically on the back 9, starting with the straight par-5 10th hole, with pot bunkers on both sides of an undulating fairway, set on a small plateau, and a very long second shot over the other fairway below to try to reach the green, with pot bunkers around and a little gazebo behind !
On the par-4 11th hole, you will need to hit a downhill tee shot over an elongated lake (with three small covered bridges), landing onto a wide fairway, and an uphill approach to the green, slightly to the left, with pot bunkers lined up in front (and a small windmill on the right).
The par-4 12th hole is straight, short (around 330 yards) and downhill, with a fairway hard to distinguish and with 7 (!) small pot bunkers around the green (in front and behind), and a wide (and “normal”) bunker on the left, and is followed by the long (about 280 yards !) par-3 13th, with a tee shot over the elongated lake and an elevated green, with 3 pot bunkers lined up on the right, and another one on the left.
Two right dogleg par-4 holes follow : the 14th needs a downhill tee shot over high rough landing near the elongated lake on the left, and a second shot over the narrower fairway as you reach the elevated green, whereas the 15th hole is uphill all the way, with a lone tree in the middle of the fairway, a few pot bunkers on both sides, halfway, and 5 small pot bunkers across in front of the green (with that little windmill behind).
The 16th hole is a par-5 with a steeply-downhill tee shot landing onto a very undulating fairway (with plenty of deep weeds on both sides), and an uphill green, hard to reach on your second shot over the lake, unlike the par-3 17th, with a slightly-downhill tee shot toward the green, and an elongated lake behind on the right.
You will finish your round with the straight par-4 18th hole, uphill all the way with scattered pot bunkers in the middle of the undulating and sloped fairway and 3 more, right in front of the green, with that nice church behind (and its two towers with giant clocks all around) !
Needless to say, this "American/Scottish" Aberdeen course will definitely surprise you, thanks to Bobby Bolin's designing talent (and his grandfather's imagination), and you should have fun trying to "tame" all its traps !

General Member DaveLzi7
United States of America
Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2020 @ 10:03:20 PM at | IP Logged

This one will really test your skills. Tight fairways, deep bunkers, tough greens. You think you have this game mastered, try this one. Thanks for sharing, I think.

General Member PhilT
United Kingdom
Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2020 @ 11:25:44 AM at | IP Logged

Beautiful course thanks nice scenery but watch approach shots on this one!

General Member raylloyd7
United Kingdom
Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2020 @ 10:36:22 AM at | IP Logged

unusual course not to detract at all just different , runs smooth and looks good , it also runs very smooth , thanks for sharing had fun

General Member Quietly
Posted: Friday, April 10, 2020 @ 2:43:42 PM at | IP Logged

A golf course should be a test comprised of 18 different questions. This course had more then a few interesting questions, for sure.

Just played a quick round. Interesting design. The front 9 feels like a classic 1930's style american design, ala Seth Raynor and the like. The type of course that would, in fact, host a major. I didn't get the links reference until I got to the back 9, and then understood the plan. It's unusual, but it got me thinking that there are courses that offer 27 holes, of which you can choose two of the nines for your round. It would be cool if it was possible to have made an extra 9 to complete the set: A links 9, a classic era 9, and a modern, avant garde 9 ala Tom Doak or Ben Crenshaw.

Also liked the small detail of 2 pot bunkers fronting 9 green to warn golfers of the impending links, and 2 'traditional' bunkers backing 18 green, to remind golfers of what they faced earlier.

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