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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 - Player Comments about Brooks Hills
Brooks Hills Golf Course Information
Brooks Hills by: willie 
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Rating: 3.5 | Total Votes: 11
File Size: 3.28 MB Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008
Released: Feb 1 08 @ 1:51:44 AM Views: 11,351
Downloads: 971 Yardage: 0
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Player Comments about Brooks Hills
General Member raylloyd7
United Kingdom
Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 @ 5:31:54 AM at | IP Logged

after reading the comments on this course i was a little unsure as to even installing it, just goes to show how wrong you can be , i play advanced 3 click now, dry breezy difficult pins etc to make it as tough and as much of a challenge as possible , i found the course ran very smooth and very fair , i dropped only one shot and that was my own carelessness nothing to do with the course, so Willie all i can say to you is thank you very much for sharing this great test of shot making

General Member Maggie
United States of America
Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 @ 7:14:53 AM at | IP Logged

We have been down this road with Willie before. It is obvious he likes to do things his way. ...and a lot of people enjoy his courses. Ganging up on him by the new PGAX team is a tad odd in my opinion (even if constructive) but hey what do I know. Not everyone will design a course like you all want or how others want just wont happen. Doesnt mean his course is trash just not up to your standards. Would be a perfect world if every one designed like HomeBoy or Goats but not gonna happen.

General Member PhilT
United Kingdom
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2008 @ 4:51:55 PM at | IP Logged

Sorry all, as I think it might have been me that fired this up, but I still stand by my comment, that willie gets more flack than a lot of other people. not just 2008 game but in other versions, just my opinion.

Site Admin Gunpower61
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2008 @ 3:15:54 PM at | IP Logged

I played and enjoyed....good work Willie :)
( And good post Hyno.....)
Note: deleted some posts...this is a comments section...not a battlefield !!!!!

General Member Hyno Designs
United States of America
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2008 @ 2:45:27 PM at | IP Logged

Zb, I’ve been doing this for a while, and learned the game. You can not voice your opinion as a designer, cause you will just get slammed on your own work. My comments got so out of control, we created a fight club, to just go at it. Maybe we need a section on this site for “designers only” were people can give honest feedback and the general public can’t read it. Even let members of the community in who want to be a part of this. The only way to get better is to have honest feedback. It is up to the designer to set his or her own standards and levels they wish to achieve. This site has to protect the designer and can’t have people slamming the courses that come out. Right now you have been slammed. Very rare comments get left, like this course sucks go back to design school. At the same time that doesn’t tell you anything either. What you get in the end, is feedback that is screwed. Let say the designer has a lot of community friends, well of course they are going to support their chums even if the course is a goat ranch. Everyone has a different opinion, and not everyone is a +2 handicap. A 36-handicap view of something is going to be different, than a PGA tour pros. Real courses are different animal all together, that is were feedback is so key. The detail work that needs to be done, to get a course close enough to even EA sports standards, is very hard. At the same time when you see a course that is not even close to the real thing and people are saying best real ever, it makes you wonder.

General Member ZB
Posted: Monday, February 4, 2008 @ 2:30:54 AM at | IP Logged

Nicely put Jimi, however i will put this another way..............IMHO, as a designer, comments that simply send wishy washy messages of love etc about a design, are about as useful as an inflatable dartboard!

I dont have the time nor inclination to spend such time on a design when an architect fails to actually take on board the advice given. There are many tutorials available that when read and implemented into ones design, results in great work being produced.

The areas of improvement listed by jmeier are repititions of all the advice given by many others in the past, to this designer on all his previous creations.

If I had the inclination to spend such time and effort(which I dont due to time and known result thru experience) I would have probably come up with a longer list of areas for improvement.

I accept this sounds a little harsh and although I mean no offence, in order to produce better designs, I strongly believe this designer needs to take heed of the advice given if they are going to improve technique and results, plus avoid the same old comments.

If everyone had a basic understanding of design, jmieirs comments would be accepted without question, as required feedback for this designer to take onboard in order to improve their designs.

General Member jimi
Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2008 @ 10:02:06 PM at | IP Logged

I dont know this particular course, but I feel I have to come to ZBs defense here. Phil, the number of hours that are put into a course is irrelevant. Apparently this designer has not mastered some of the basics of course design yet. I agree that if a course is to be judged solely on playability (wahtever that means), these comments may seem a bit harsh. But for a designer theres nothing more important than input from other designers. Comments that only say great course, I loved it, though doubtlessly well meant, are actually no help at all. Unless you actually feel that this course can compete with some of the top designs that are available. Tastes do differ, of course.

General Member PhilT
United Kingdom
Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2008 @ 5:25:54 PM at | IP Logged

ZB maybe if you had spent 30hrs on this course Jmeier would not have such a big list of things wrong? just a thought.

General Member ZB
Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2008 @ 3:54:33 AM at | IP Logged

Actually, I believe the feedback provided by Jmeier is of far greater value to Willie than certain people give credit for. There have been many designers who have spent a great amount of time trying to help Willie in his design techniques and although I have seen improvement, there is still some way to go, especially with elevation techniques, in my own opinion. Personally, I spent some 30 hours testing a course of his recently, taking and providing screenshots of areas to improve. Giving tips on design methods to use and to perhaps limit the use of libs to give his courses a better feel and theme. Although as Jmeier rightly suggests, there has been improvement, there is still some way to go IMHO and that is not knocking him, it is simply proper feedback, which is what helps to improve a designers skills and creations.

General Member jmeier
United States of America
Posted: Saturday, February 2, 2008 @ 1:33:42 PM at | IP Logged

I was not knocking his course, pointing out things that I saw in order to help Willies designs improve. Constructive critque. If people always just keep saying nice course, great job etc, us designers will not improve. The always good comments, regardless of the course, do more harm than good. I too appreciate Willies desire to create courses. I would like him to do the best he can, and to point out things to help him improve. I never said it was a bad course, or do not play or anything of the sort. Keep working at it Willie. Each one gets better.

Tour Manager and Design Manager of the CGX Tour, the best place online for PGA Style tournament play on custom courses. Often imitated, never duplicated.

General Member PhilT
United Kingdom
Posted: Saturday, February 2, 2008 @ 9:03:17 AM at | IP Logged

I enjoyed this course, nice choice of libs / Textures, And could not see anything to moan about. So thanks Willie for this course. I do not know what it is but for some reason people like to knock your courses, i have seen some poor courses from others but they do not get the flack that you of lifes mysteries! One thing NOBODY can knock you for, your enthusiasm to make courses, and I never known you to retaliate on bad comments, keep making courses Willie!

General Member jmeier
United States of America
Posted: Friday, February 1, 2008 @ 11:13:13 PM at | IP Logged

Many of the overheads were not showing the hole or the entire hole. The planting looked forced and all the same trees and same heights of trees. Much of the elevation work ended up being too severe, large creases and buckles resulted from this. The greens were all mostly flat without any undulations. Water was not flat, and in some cases climb way up the side of hills. One or two of the greens were slanted too much for very dry on expert. Alot of the structures seemed to be randomly dropped without purpose or intent. The desert mountain pano did not fit the dense woodland feeling of this course at all. Many places was not fit properly as small parts of the mountains were popping up through the trees. Willies use of the CA is improving, but there is still a ways to go. 16 Libraries needed still.

Tour Manager and Design Manager of the CGX Tour, the best place online for PGA Style tournament play on custom courses. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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