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 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 - Player Comments about Augusta National 2006
Augusta National 2006 Golf Course Information
Augusta National 2006 by: Hyno Designs 
Augusta National 2006 logo
File Size: 7.25 MB Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006
Released: Nov 3 05 @ 12:00:00 AM Views: 43,357
Downloads: 6,996 Yardage: 7,450
Course Type: Real Par: 72
Player Comments about Augusta National 2006
General Member baupoo
Posted: Friday, November 05, 2010 @ 12:07:45 AM at | IP Logged

meh rather play ken mchale's version

General Member itrax
Posted: Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 2:16:02 PM at | IP Logged

Played this and compared to Augusta 06. Yardage more real. Elevations done great. Plays smooth. Was able to play same shots pros do on TV. Only complaint is couldn't smell the azaleas. Absolutely a great job.

General Member HarryD112
Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2006 @ 8:42:15 AM at | IP Logged

As usual, you guys did a great job on this course. Thanks for the hard work and a beautiful course.

General Member Bill7iron
Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 @ 12:57:41 PM at | IP Logged

Great course downloaded yesterday 1st time Ive done it. And made a donation, great course

General Member HoecusMowcus
Posted: Thursday, December 08, 2005 @ 12:49:42 AM at | IP Logged

Love the course but i am having some strange issues that i cant fix. I am getting very large mountains and clocks right in front of the Tee. the clocks are huge and different colors. the mountains i can actually hit through but it does make for a strange play. i have reloaded the course after discarding it several times and i have all the 2005 libs. what do you think in going on? I feel it is a courupt lib somewhere. i have screen shots of each prob. I have gone back and reset my game options but nothing helps.

Site Admin JSJarvis
USA - North Carolina
Posted: Monday, December 05, 2005 @ 9:56:46 AM at | IP Logged

There is a reason you cant download or find those 0.0 MB libraries. You see that BOLD notice in the Staff area that says that this course requires TW2005 STOCK libraries??? Well, those 0.0 MB libraries are the TW2005 STOCK LIBRARIES!!! If you read the Staff comments, you will see that the ONLY way to get those libraries right now is to OWN a copy of TW2005.

General Member RJB964
Posted: Saturday, December 03, 2005 @ 9:20:36 AM at | IP Logged

Hello trying to Down load this but the libraries with 0.0 bytes cant find them or down load them so
augusta 2006 wont load on when i try to play it any help you could give me would be appreciated sir what do i do to get it working

General Member steveb151
Posted: Friday, November 18, 2005 @ 4:10:07 AM at | IP Logged

I am not criticisng here because by enlarge the course is great and I couldnt have done it any better. However, I didnt think the 10th had so much turn to the left as is in this course? Also, I thought 11 bent slightly to the right?

Other than that, well done.

Site Admin JSJarvis
USA - North Carolina
Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 @ 7:01:17 AM at | IP Logged

OK guys, THAT IS IT!!! Ive had enough of this crap going on in the comments area. I have sent an email off to Tru to ban both Hyno Designs and DRAllen from posting in the comments area and I have deleted all of your recent posts back and forth to each other. I have warned you in the past about taking this garbage off of the comments area and have been told each time that you would. Yet every time a new Hyno course comes out we have to patrol the comments area. Im sick of it! Dont PM me telling me that it will never happen again or that you are sorry. If you guys would just keep your comments to yourselves we wouldnt have to do this. But you didnt. If this is what we have to do to keep the peace here then we will do so. You guys have problems with each other that either need to be worked out or you need to completely avoid each other.

General Member kwango2
Posted: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 @ 5:36:48 PM at | IP Logged

hoooorahhh been waitin for this baby ,what else can i say hyno magic m8.I also think gr8 improvement on 05.just wish it was in the ea game i bought so i play pps with it all day...Xll gr8 work

Born to Game but Forced to Work....Fail to Prepare , Prepare to fail

Site Admin JSJarvis
USA - North Carolina
Posted: Monday, November 07, 2005 @ 6:46:53 PM at | IP Logged

Obviously he didnt otherwise he wouldnt have made the post. Make me wonder why I even try to spell things out for people. We even linked all of those libraries on our site to the page for TW2005 so people could easily figure out that they had to purchase the game. Maybe flashing lights are in order next time around.

General Member Stingray65
Posted: Monday, November 07, 2005 @ 2:17:38 PM at | IP Logged

swgator, did you bother to read the staff comment above?

General Member mwgolfer
Posted: Sunday, November 06, 2005 @ 7:56:43 PM at | IP Logged

no what i am saying is that it crashes on 2006 but on other courses in 05 it would do the same. thought there might be a common problem when it happened

General Member mwgolfer
Posted: Sunday, November 06, 2005 @ 12:45:11 PM at | IP Logged

hey i havent played the course yet i downloaded it yesterday but while starting the custom game where the load screen comes up my computer would reboot. this happened to me on a few TW2005 courses. anyone have any idea what might cause this to happen?

General Member axe360
USA - California
Posted: Saturday, November 05, 2005 @ 9:20:41 PM at | IP Logged

No galleries. I see the cls file with the course but dont have galleries.. They are not turned of in options.. Gr8 course Ty

General Member jmwall24
USA - Michigan
Posted: Saturday, November 05, 2005 @ 2:40:26 PM at | IP Logged

Just curious as to where the 3ft high ridge to the right of the back left pin at 16 came from that slopes UP towards the hole. Shouldnt it be downhill from right of that pin, not straight uphill. I had a 30ft putt from right of that pin that should have been straight downhill and I hit it 1 ft by the hole 3 watch it do an about face and roll back to my feet. Gotta say that entire green isnt even close.

Go Wings!

General Member walkinman
Posted: Saturday, November 05, 2005 @ 3:55:30 AM at | IP Logged

Nicely done. Its a bit sluggish due to all the detail but, then it wouldnt be Augusta. :)

Regards, DFC

General Member Bgmk4870
Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005 @ 8:50:00 AM at | IP Logged

very nice course but i have an issue with a choppy meter and choppy game play any suggestions would be great thanks

Site Admin JSJarvis
USA - North Carolina
Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005 @ 8:10:31 AM at | IP Logged

There is a bug with the site where the 05 libraries are not showing up. We will try to fix that shortly. Dont bust the archs chops over this since it is a site problem.

General Member tecman
Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005 @ 8:05:53 AM at | IP Logged

nice course, but if u use 2005 libraries, I wish u would list them on this page so we wouldnt have to hunt them down later-thanks

Site Admin JSJarvis
USA - North Carolina
Posted: Thursday, November 03, 2005 @ 4:55:30 PM at | IP Logged

Let me make this clear before the bickering starts...the comments area will be used to comment about this course. There will not be any side conversations, no personal attacks, etc. I have already deleted one comment. This comment area is not going to be turned into a battlefield. This is the only warning that will be given.

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