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I have donated once before but myzip
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Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 3:23:44 AM | IP Logged

Maybe i am missing something here, I am a member that has donated funds or made contributions to the site. I can't use myzip download option like i have in the past w/ no problems. My account is showing 0 mb download size as if i never made a donation. What is up w/ that. 

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Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 3:40:51 AM | IP Logged

edited by: Gunpower61 on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 3:46:00 AM

Yes we are running a fund Raiser now......the CreateMyzipfeature is temporary unavailable.
When the target is reached your Create Myzip will be restored, it will take a few days.

But it is still possible to download courses + all required libraries, you can download all files separate:

on top of page of the course you want to download click: Download Course
now on next popup page you will see on left side download link for the course:
click on link ( and download the coursefile to Your PC.
Now on right side you will see a list of all required on each libraryname (text)....and download all libraries to your PC.
Note: You only have to download the libraries with a red: X
You already downloaded the libraries with green: need to download them again.
When you downloaded coursefile + all required libraries to your PC, it is time to install course + all libraries in TW08 with automatic installer TWCaddie08:

on desktop dubble click icon/shortcut: TWCaddie08

Now a popup screen will appear, and on top right side click: Install
Now on next popup screen you will have to browse/find to the course + libraries you downloaded. When you found the files in popup screen you will see the downloaded course+ libraries zip files.
Now first dubble click on all libraries zip files... and TWCaddie08 will install all libraries automatic in TW08
At last dubble click the course file...and TWCaddie08 will install course automatic in TW08.

Some Notes:
The course zip file is the one with the highest number )....It is important to install all libraries first....and at last the course zip file.
(The reason is: When you first install course file you will receive message of missing libraries )
(When you receive message of missing library: download missing library and install also in TW08 with TWCaddie08)

Important:you only have to download and install library once..........when you download and install other courses that are using the same library, you dont have to install that library again.
But no worries, when you already have the library installed, TWCaddie08 will tell you that you already have the library.

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