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How To Install Downloaded Courses ’99/’01
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How To Install Downloaded Courses in TW99/TW2001

Written by Jeff Jarvis

To install TW99 or TW2001 courses here is what you need to do:

1) Download a 99 or 2001 course. Right now Course Source has links to all of the 2001 courses, but only a few 99 courses. Soon all of the courses will have keep an eye on the site.

2) Using a program like WinZip open up the zip file.

3) Look for a course file with a VIV extension. When you find it, take note of the course name.

4) Browse to where you installed TW99 or TW2001 and find the Courses folder.

5) In the Courses folder, create a new folder. Give it the EXACT name as that VIV file that is in your course zip archive. If the course has all capital letters, name your folder with all capital letters. The folder name must match the VIV exactly.

6) Unzip the entire contents of the zip file into the newly created folder.

The new course should now appear in your course list when you go into the game. 
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