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Fast tempo or slow tempo help
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Posted: Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 4:33:37 PM | IP Logged

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How to speed up swing tempo for True Swing, when you have slow tempo ( for nvidia graphics card )
This solution was provided by Cody, one of our members, thanks for sharing

Here are the instructions

Go to nvidia control panel select Manage 3D Settings on the left,click on Program Settings tab,now highlight
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR(R) 08 then click on Add Selected Program,next scroll all the way down until you see
Vertical sync, change it to On,now click on Apply your finished.

Note: you can turn On vertical sync in the Global Settings of Nvidia control panel too, which means Vertical sync will be enabled for all pc games.

This is an older solution when you have fast tempo swing, and you want it to slow down:

Hello, some more info here, it was posted for win7 but i think it will work for win10 aswell:

Some extra help here:
On windows7 you will have fast swing, i had same problem.
On win7 use: Stiff flex shafts........and you will have normal swing, and you will win distance.

I am not sure about offline play, but the equipment made a difference on online play.
For example when you use stiff flex shafts you will win some distance, but the ball direction will be a bit harder to control.
Also depends what level you play.....novice....intermediate...advanced or expert.
Not sure it will make any difference on Novice, but it made difference on expert level.
I played all available tours on expert level from 2005....until 2009, and equipment below gave me the best results on online play.
A lot of my teammates used the same equipment in TW08, you can find it in Gameface:

Nike CPR Extra Stiff Flex Shafts, King Cobra FP Irons, EA 1-Under Edition Wedges, King Cobra Speed LD F Driver, King Cobra Speed Pro Fairway Woods, Bridgestone B330-S 

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